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_MSS1440-Editlowabout.jpgLeibel Fine grew up on campus near McGill University, helping his parents reach out and instill a sense of Jewishness in the students enrolled at the university. He studied at the Rabbinical College of Canada based in Montreal and continued his rabbinical studies during a two-and-a-half year stint in Israel. Following his return from Israel, Leibel continued his education in New York, where he graduated from the Educational Institute Oholei Torah. He is currently heading Chabad of Dollard-des Ormeaux, where he now lives with his wife, Chana.

Leibel loves working with people, those who are part of the community as well as those that are taking their first steps to discovering their Jewish heritage. He enjoys being able to bring inspiration and meaning into the lives of the many he touches. He has been involved in working with the local Montreal Jewish Community as well as Jewish communities the world over. He has helped arrange programs such as communal Pesach Seders and summer camps for under-privileged children for the benefit of Jewish communities throughout Russia. American Jewish communities throughout the Carolinas and Massachusetts have benefited from the activities and programs organized for them by Leibel.

Chana Fine, née Kaplinsky, grew up in a vibrant Jewish community in Brooklyn, New York. She studied at the Associated Beth Rivkah Schools for Girls, and acquired her seminary education at Beis Chaya Mushka Seminary in Montreal. Upon her return to New York, Chana attended Mercy College; where she received a BS in Behavioral Science, as well as New York State teaching certification for students with disabilities, and regular education. Chana continued on at Mercy as a graduate student, and earned her MS in Literacy.

Chana’s education and experience with individuals with special needs has rendered her more intuitive as to the emotional needs of those around her. She would like to be able to use her capabilities to impact the lives of the individuals and families she meets; in a way that only a woman could. Chana intends to use her teaching skills, as well as her culinary abilities, to impart a deep sense of Jewish pride and appreciation in the hearts of those who enter her home, and in those that participate in the programs that she and her husband organize for the benefit of the Jewish community.

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